12 Ergonomic Crochet Hooks US Standard Sizes B (2.25) to L (8mm)

Athena's Elements

$ 18.99 $ 25.00

  • This Crochet set is the ONLY US Standard sizing with Letters and Metrics that are both engraved neatly in the Ergonomic Handle. The ONLY 12 COMPLETE SET.
  • Length is 6 inches for bigger sizes, & 5.75 inches for smaller sizes UNLIKE ALL OTHER CROCHET SETS where sizing is only Metric (MM),  NO F 3.75mm size & Length are THE SAME regardless of hook sizes which is only 5.4 inches even with the big hooks that uses the bulky yarns.
  • We STRATEGICALLY CUSTOM DESIGNED because BIGGER SIZES HOOKS NEED to have LONGER LENGTH to allow the CHUNKY Yarns to loop around smoothly.
  • SMOOTH Finish allows yarn to effortlessly glides and prevent from splitting. This will allow you to easily do multiple loops like the cable stitch, etc. Crocheting is now more COMFORTABLE, ENJOYABLE and FUN! 
  • Crochet ALL DAY with our SOFT & STURDY ERGONOMIC Handles that provide a nice firm grip without muscle tension. Designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency. Perfect for those suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel, and as well as preventing.
  • Made of Thermoplastic Rubber & Latex-free, perfect for those allergic with Latex. Sturdy Handles doesn’t slip out unlike others.
  • Our Crochet Hooks are produced based on our Customers Feedback and Suggestions with High Standard and Strict Factory Inspection. WHILE ALL OTHER SETS and KITS are mass produced & purchased from a wholesale company without production standard, the reason they all have the same Crochet Hooks (colors and length).
  • The Aluminum Hook Length where the yarn glides or loop aka Shaft, has SMOOTH finish &  measured 1.75 inches for Sizes B 2.25mm, C 2.75mm, D 3.25mm, E 3.25mm, F 3.75mm, G 4mm, 7 4.5mm, H 5mm, I 5.5mm, J6mm & 2 inches for Crochet Hooks Sizes K 6.5mm & L 8mm. LONGEST LENGTH, compare it for yourself.
  • OUR TOP PRIORITY is your COMPLETE SATISFACTION. If you are not happy with your Set, WE will replace or refund your order.