Needle Felting Kit & Wool Fiber - For Small, Delicate, & 3D Projects Using 1, 2, & 3 Needles

Athena's Elements

$ 14.99 

  • ARE YOU A BEGINNER OR EXPERT FELTER? Then this Kit is perfect for you! This Pen Style + Raw Wool Roving Combo is of PREMIUM Quality. The Raw Wool Fiber is so soft with vibrant and festive colors, approximately 30 grams. 100% Made in New Zealand, you'll be sure you get your money's worth! Perfect to work with felting needle for the best felt effect. The Pen Style Felting Needle is made of TOP Quality material, sturdy, and best for delicate projects.
  • MUST HAVE NEEDLE FELTING SUPPLIES FOR FELTERS - If you want to have a total control when felting, this Pen Style with Ergonomic Handle is perfect for you! Not only it is very safety when working, this tool will make you finish projects in no time without cramps or hurting! It is very EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE! The size is perfect to hold it like Pen or Pencil Style. It is made of high quality material, and is very sturdy. You don't have to worry breaking it.
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL & DELICATE FELT PROJECTS using 1, 2 or 3 needles. TRIPLE felting needles are formed into line or triangle for different purposes. LINE type is special for creating lines and embellishing the border of felting projects. Triangle type is for doing 3D and delicate felting work. Needles can be changed according to your specification.
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