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"I recently ordered some of your ergo hooks and received them today. I just want to say thank you. My wife has crocheted for years but she had a couple of strokes a few years ago and could not get her hands to co-operate and it broke my heart to watch her try. She recently picked it back up but was still having a hard time with the regular hooks. I gave her the new hooks today and her eyes lit up. She was like a kid with a new toy. She loves them and they feel good in her hands. Seeing her like this brought a tear to this old man's eye. Thank you so much."

Mike Adkins

LOTS of colors and string. Our troop of 18 girls have been using this kit for weeks to make friendship bracelets for the community. The variety of colors, the tools included and the beads and ribbons have been used and appreciated. Highly recommended as a gift for kids this age or for group activities. The case is also fairly sturdy, it is often carried around in a backpack and stays closed and the items are well organized inside the case.

Date: Sat, Nov. 2, 2019

Brenda Kirouac

"I had been looking for a bag of this type and I am so happy I found this one. I always have several small projects going alone with one big project and with these I can keep them all organized. I can also throw the smaller bags/project into my big carpet bag of a purse and always have something with me to work on while waiting without having to carry an extra tote. 

"Date : Mon, Sep 30, 2019"

Sherri Beathe

Athena's Elements LLC provides high quality products and customer service that will leave you satisfied.

I have ordered many products from them and have only had one issue that happened to my mistake.

Nonetheless, Athena's Elements LLC resolved the issue in a quick manner that made me want to continue doing business with them.

"Thu, Sep 19, 2019"

Hugo Gomez